What is an EMAR?

Electronic Mars

EMAR is an acronym for Electronic Medication Administration Record. It is software designed
to replace your current paper MARS.

What makes this system unique is it is dynamically linked to our pharmacy software. This means when we enter a new order, it is automatically displayed on your latptop or desktop computer. There are built in safeguards to ensure the order is reviewed and approved before it is displayed to your Med-Tech’s.

The software also acts as a communication vehicle from the Pharmacy to the Community and from the Community to the Pharmacy.

Advantages of EMARS


  1.  Faster Med Passes
  2.  No Recap / Changeover
  3.  Cycle check in reduced significantly
  4. Intuitive and simple to use
  5. Improved Management oversight
    • View instantly late / missed med-passes
    • Improved adherence to Community medication policies and procedures
  6.  Easily generated Management Reports to meet regulatory requirements
  7. Remote access from anywhere you have internet access
  8. Timely re-ordering PRN medications


  1. Fewer med errors
  2. Fewer late or missed med-passes
    • Alerts keep you on schedule
  3. No missed PRN follow-ups
  4. No more “holes” in MARS
  5. Reduced liability risk
  6. Improved DHS survey compliance


  1. Record Med Pass
  2. Record Treatments (Weight checks, B.P., Temp, etc)
  3. Schedule Tasks and “reminders” for caregivers
  4. Flags recent changes to a Resident’s medications
  5. Secure login with custom security settings


Electronic Mars