Medical  Arts LTC Pharmacy offers two distinct packaging systems to meet your Community’s specific needs or preferences.

The ATP Strip is the Company’s multi-dosing system and offers the Community a number of advantages.  This unique system is highly flexible and can be sorted to meet your requirements.  Additionally, the label can be customized and formatted to your specific needs.

For those Communities who prefer the simplicity of unit dosing but like the additional information offered by the ATP Strip, this packaging can also be used as a Unit Dose dispensing method.

Medical Arts LTC Pharmacy Multi-dose ATP StripMedical Arts LTC Pharmacy Multi-dose ATP Strip in Canister


Single Medication Blister Packs: This single medication dispensing systems offers a unique advantage over traditional “Bingo Cards”. The nomenclature for the med pass time can be customized to meet your requirements.  For example, an 8:OO AM med pass can be displayed as “AM” or “MORN” or any categorization that works for you.

Medical Arts LTC Pharmacy Bingo Cards

Either way, you choose the system that is right for you.