New Pharmacy Software


Medical Arts LTC Pharmacy is proud to announce it has completed implementation of its new  LTC Software.  This new software is specifically designed for servicing Assisted Living and LTC Facilities and provides significant improvements such as workflow management, bar coding functionality and document management. Ultimately, it will improve the accuracy and the speed in which we serve our customers. Additionally, the software can interface with virtually any EHR on the market.

As stated in our Mission Statement “We are dedicated to developing and employing technologies and strategic partnerships that generate the greatest benefit to our customers” and this is one step toward achieving that goal.

Our aim is to make this a transparent and seamless transition for our existing customers and therefore will take a significant investment in time in resources to completely implement, but we are dedicated to completing this task as soon as possible.

We invite you to review the products and services, including our Customers’ Testimonials, listed in our website.   If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our unique approach to Pharmacy Services, please contact us.