Clinical Services

Medical Arts LTC Pharmacy offers a range of clinical services to assist in managing Resident’s medication. For a small fee per Resident, Medical Arts Consultant Pharmacists will review and provide a detailed report addressing

• Medication Regimen    • Medication Room    • MAR-Cart Audit

Benefits of our Clinical Services Program:

  • Regional or Executive Director:
    • Clinical and procedural deficiencies can be identified and managed before they become problematic
      • Reduces Risk to the Community
      • Reduces Risk for the Resident
      • Enforces Best Practices


  • Sales and Marketing Staff:
    • The Community’s Marketing Staff can “sell” their Community to prospective residents by insuring their medication regimen will be received by licensed pharmacist every three months as part of the Community’s value offering:
      • Identifies duplication therapy
      • Identifies improper or inappropriate medication regimen
      • Can reduce cost for the Resident by eliminating unnecessary medications or duplicate medications


  • Health Services Director:
    • Identifies potential problems early to bring to physicians or nurses attention
    • Med Cart / Med Room review confirms adherence to Community’s Policies and Procedures
    • “Mar to Cart” audit identifies possible holes or breakdown in Community’s Policies and Procedures
    • Improves DHS audit results


Please ask your Account Executive for more information and pricing on these programs.